Your comfort first 

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Our mission : your well-being

Welcome to a warm world where comfort, softness and elegance contribute to respecting the environment.

At Maison Grocaut, our first mission is to care about our customers' well-being. It's only when we feel our best that we can look our best : comfort first, silhouette next ! When you choose to trust us, you're being accompanied from the first steps to the last ones of your experience with us, from taking your measurements to asking your feedback up to five years after your purchase.

We help you create a piece of clothing that fits your style, according to your own inspirations and tastes, to make your most exciting vision come true. We craft it with the practical details you need the most to adapt to your lifestyle so that you feel at your best all along your day and you're ready to conquer the world !

We choose our materials very carefully so that they have the most positive impact on the people and on the planet. We love to partner with local suppliers, mostly on the island of Montréal, and we either use the most natural fabrics and supplies available or reuse vintage materials.
We firmly believe that well-being is a matter of helping each other. Our mission is to make sure every person involved in the process is as happy as they can be, and YOU are the one making this possible ! Thank you so much for contributing to this gratitude chain through your purchase ! This beautiful mission wouldn't be possible without you :)

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